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Business transaction and tax

Business Transactions and Tax

The attorneys in our Business Transactions and Tax Practice share many of their clients’ qualities—they are innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial. These qualities, combined with a depth and breadth of legal expertise, give clients the counsel they can rely on to successfully resolve issues throughout the life of a business, from inception through sale.

Working with clients ranging from family-owned businesses to large, public companies, our expertise spans a wide range of industries and includes both domestic and international transactions. Our emphasis is on traditional corporate transactions, including:

We also provide advice on a myriad of corporate and business-related legal issues arising out of day-to-day business operations, such as:

  • Corporate governance, including preparation of board of director and shareholder minutes and other entity maintenance requirements
  • Relationships with distributors, suppliers, customers, independent contractors, lessors or lessees, licensors or licensees, and others, including the design and drafting of supply agreements and license agreements
  • Executive compensation matters, including preparation of employment agreements and compensation plans for management and key employees
  • General employment matters, including advice regarding other day-to-day employment law issues and employee immigration issues
  • Rights and obligations under ongoing contracts and assisting with resolution of early stage disputes
  • Intellectual property rights, including negotiation and preparation of licensing and transfer agreements, enforcement and protection of existing rights, interpretation and advice regarding scope of rights, and ownership of employee inventions and works

We add value through responsive, efficient and practical counsel to achieve our client’s objectives while minimizing their exposure to taxes, risk, or liability.