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Fred J. Marcus Develops Strategic Estate Planning Model

Fred J. Marcus, partner, was noted as the estate planning attorney for Erwin Rautenberg, a prominent entrepreneur, German-born Holocaust survivor and CIA partner in concealing a clandestine packing, shipping, and freight-forwarding operation, in The Foundation’s Legacy News of the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles. Mr. Marcus developed, with two other professional service providers, a unique strategic alliance between a private foundation and community foundation for grant making purposes. This model will influence other attorneys on how they can assist in carrying out a client’s philanthropic goals.

For more information on the structure of this model, please see the full article here.

Mr. Marcus is Chairman of the firm’s Estate Planning Department and Charitable Organizations Practice. He represents individuals in their estate and philanthropic planning, trustees in their administration of significant wealth, and nonprofit organizations in connection with planned giving, organizational questions and operational issues.