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Teresa Tracy Featured on Strafford Webinar Panel on Structuring Employee Handbooks

Terri R. Tracy was a featured panelist on a live Strafford Webinar Tuesday, June 11 on “Structuring Employee Handbooks”

The authoritative panel of employment attorneys provided legal and practical guidance for employment counsel to structure employee handbooks—including multistate and nationwide handbooks—that minimize liability risks for the employer.

With a thorough understanding of the latest legal developments impacting employee handbooks, along with careful and strategic drafting, employment counsel can help ensure that employee handbooks legally and effectively address difficult workplace issues.

Regulators have been exercising heightened diligence concerning long-used handbook provisions. The NLRB has challenged at-will disclaimers, social media policies, ambiguous and misleading language, restrictions on employee communications, and arbitration provisions in employee handbooks. The SEC has implemented regulations that, in effect, discard certain confidentiality and nondisclosure provisions.

Since employment law is continually changing, employers (and their counsel) must regularly review and update employee handbooks. An employer is not protected by handbook provisions that the courts have struck down and regulators have nullified. The webinar described recent developments of which every lawyer who has responsibility for handbooks should be aware.